Why You Should Wear Vibethriller Hats

Posted by Steven Chiaravalloti on

So, you're thinking about buying a dad hat. Vibethriller is the best place to buy hats that are original and different! 

Some great reasons why you should buy my hats over others:

  • Best quality strapback hats you can buy

The number one issue with buying online is struggling with knowing if something will fit, or if it is even good quality. My hats are the best quality that you can buy, and they fit all size heads. The strapback allows for adjustments, and you can always be comfortable.

  • They are one of a kind 

No one wears these hats. You are guaranteed to be different, especially since everyone shops in the same stores and spots these days. HOWEVER, I have given the opportunity to wear hats that no one else has.

These hats have never been made before, nor has anyone ever seen designs and ideas like this. I personally wear all of these hats on different days. I cannot leave my house without one!

  • If you buy a hat and share a photo, I'll post it

An easy way for someone to gain followers or likes, is to post a photo wearing one of these hats. If @vibethriller is tagged in the post, I can retweet it to 182,000 followers to see your beautiful alien face.

Also, since you read this entire blog post, here is a 15% off discount code: "Alien Kush"

Use this code at checkout so I know you are rad



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