Rick and Morty

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Am I the only one that is extremely over the top obsessed with Rick and Morty? Holy shit. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! As Rick would say.

This became my favorite TV show overnight. You really can't beat the giant floating heads, inception dreams, galaxies inside of galaxies inside of other galaxies, alien conquering entities, space travel, F.A.R.T.'s beautiful toons, character creation, special effects, and the dialog is fucking hilarious. Not to mention getting "SCHWIFTY IN HERE".


If you have not seen the first 2 seasons, it's a must watch. The third season is going to be released in the summer of 2017.

What will happen to Rick? Do you think he will ever get out of that alien prison? It looks highly unlikely, but I know a few characters on the show more than capable of pulling off Rick's escape.


At least Mr. Poopy Butthole is still alive. Rip Bird Person. Hopefully they find a way to bring him back. Surely Rick will find a way. 



Here's a photo of a past Rick and Beth we have not seen yet. This may show up in Season 3 of Rick and Morty. 



  • Everyone thinks I’m crazy for how much I love Rick and Morty but it’s such an amazingly written and designed show that I really had no other choice than to let it slowly consume my life

    Leg on

  • Omg right there with ya! Soooo obsessed! You do realise season three’s first episode is out right? I actually eat sleep and breathe R&M, I tried to get my friends into it but no one would trust me about how good it is so I got my brother and sister into it and they love it and I’m so happy I have someone to talk about it with ?

    Tmizzle on

  • Yea my friends would talk about it but I was skeptical then I watched the first episode then the next then the next and so on and so forth

    Cooper on

  • I’m glad I’m alive

    Mr Poopy Butthole on

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