Positve Mental Attitude

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Keeping a positive mental attitude, or also referenced as PMA, is the most important thing you can do in life. Everyone has ups and downs, and when they hit, it is good to remain positive, even through all the bullshit. 

Some ways I recommend to keep a PMA would be:

1. Meditation

2. Yoga

3. Exercise

4. Eat healthy 

5. Always remember, happiness is a choice

The next time you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, take some deep breaths. Think about how nice it is to just be alive right now. FORGET ABOUT ALL THE OTHER THINGS IN LIFE, BECAUSE THEY TRULY, DO NOT MATTER!!! Once you realize this, you are free and able to do anything, really. 


Ways to wake up happy:

-Listen to your favorite music

-Imagine your day going well

-Wake up earlier to have more time to wake up

-Eat some food, drink some tea

I hope this random blog hits someone, and makes a difference. Remember to make yourselves happy, not just others. You are the star of your own movie in the universe.

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